The Sacramento Eviction Defense Network (SacEDN) is a mutual aid network dedicated to defending against evictions to keep people housed during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Our collaborators include Sacramento Tenants Union, ACCE Sacramento, NorCal Resist, and more. With inadequate renter protections on the books, greedy landlords still prey on financially distressed tenants. Evictions are rampant, and homelessness continues to rise. Existing laws don’t do enough to protect tenants’ rights; the courts serve landlords’ interests, and legal assistance organizations are overwhelmed and not always accessible. So it’s up to us to defend tenants against evictions.

SacEDN organizes with tenants to stop evictions through outreach, education, solidarity work, and direct action. We canvass, offer tenants’ rights counseling, organize pressure campaigns and direct actions to defend against evictions, and train activists and community members on how to prevent and intervene in evictions.

Are you at risk of eviction? Has your landlord served you with intimidating legal notices? You are not alone! Fill out our intake form at

Become an eviction defender! Plug into one or several of our working groups, actions and activities. Do you have graphic design skills? Build websites? Are you a researcher looking to apply your skills? Do you know how to use data to create maps? Do you have experience with direct action and are down to hold the line against landlord evictors and their police protectors? Curious and want to join a meeting to find out more? Sign up at

Questions? Email us at or call or text us at (916) 562-3382.

Here is a short documentary on eviction defense, its history, and how it has played an integral part in creating power and solidarity outside of electoral channels.

Know Your Rights


The law changed regarding how long you have to file an answer. It is now five days excluding weekends and court holidays.

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